1. Essay Draft from fear, impermanence.

    This past summer, I spent roughly four days writing for as long as I physically could, and ended up with a pretty considerable amount of drafts on topics of philosophy. One of the essays that I quite liked from this rush drafting session was one titled, “What is Philosophy?”, where I present my own opinion on the matter.

    To be honest, I wasn’t very confident about the quality of my writing for this collection of essays. Naturally, I only had four days to just spill anything and everything I was thinking about onto paper, so everything came out quite incomprehensible and rough overall. This essay is really no different, but I’d still like to put it out there just so that I can show some sort of intermediary product (as well as showcase my current state of development in writing and philosophy).

    Remember that I am not an academic philosopher/philosophy student, nor do I claim to be. At best, I may be considered a “hobbyist,” if that may have any meaning in this context.

    Click here for the PDF of my essay, “What is Philosophy?”

    If for some reason you hope to reproduce my writing in any way, please remember to give credit and/or citation. Even though this is merely a draft, I still hold prime ownership over this work, and I would like for my intellectual property to be respected.

  2. Hey there!

    Update [9.30.14]: I’ve decided to move my official blog back to this URL, but this process might take a few days to complete. Check back here by the end of the week to start seeing my older posts ported back.

    - wells


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